A different Friday

A different Friday

What’s good ya’ll! Thank you for stopping in on a continuous Friday, to kingdes.com. I want to start this by saying I LOVE and APPRECIATE you all so much for the continuous support you have poured, not only into my brand, but into me. I am flourishing in ways I never fathomed.

Slowly but surely I have started the process of acceptance. Let’s face it, I aim for perfection (a topic for another day). There’s nothing wrong with wanting perfection, but when you aren’t taking a step back to appreciate the world around you and the blessings pouring in, things can get clouded.

I’m making a shift in utilizing my platform.

I’ve always done more for others than I have myself. Not this time ya’ll. This time I’m taking full control of my life. I’m doing what I want, what feels right, but most importantly, through God’s plan. I’m going to follow my instincts and intuition, like I should have for a very long time. Follow your intuition. Follow your gut. God didn’t give us this gift to waste it.

I move on to say that things around here are changing. I’ll have new content every Friday on kingdes.com, but it’ll be a switch up. A blog post, new merch, a video. I’m working to mark up a calendar to keep you guys in the loop (shoutout to mama who suggested this! I love the idea). There will be different time drops for different time zones, etc, so make sure you’re keeping up on here, IG, Twitter, and via email, contact@kingdes.com. You can still shop my pieces at 13 Crosby Street in Soho 7 days a week, 11A-7P!

I have been so back and forth with deciding on what to do, but I knew for some time. I haven’t been able to detach myself from the demand of the Friday drops, but I need to refresh my creative mind. Believe me, I’M WORKING. New blog posts, setting up weekly shoots to get comfortable in my skin, hittin the gym to push myself and fall in love with my body again, and dancing to free my mind and those clouds we spoke about. Find what moves you.  

I couldn’t be more proud to be following my heart with the changes ahead for myself and my brand. I have such a beautiful goal I’m working toward, and I’m so hard on myself when it isn’t going exactly how I visioned it. When things aren’t going exactly how you plan, remember it’s because God has a plan far larger than the one you’re thinking about. Trust him, and keep going.

Follow me on @kingdes and @shopkingdes for updates on the heat that’s CONTINUING. Oh, and today I dropped a preorder for neon Life is Gucci tees.

Love ya 🌸

in any moment we chose fear instead of love we deny ourselves of paradise

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